Enthral Yourself At Our Battle Beam Station

ctivities can become even more exciting when you know that there is little risk of injuries of hazards. That is what X-Play’s Battle Beam trampoline park at Barrie is all about. We ensure your safety through our kid-friendly trampoline park consisting of foam pits and other hazard-free nets.

Our Battle Beam trampoline is made up of the finest foams to ensure a sturdy, yet flexible platform for enjoyable combat games. The setup is rigid enough to withstand adults as well. Thus, this pleasant place is fit for a friendly game of gladiator-style combat that kids or adults can enjoy for competitive battles. All you need to do is to grab a pugil stick and maintain your balance on the beam. Then, try to knock your opponent with the foam-based weapon in your hand. This fun game will keep you glued with excitement.

Of course, there are specific rules that govern this game for maximum enjoyment. Here are our rules for Battle Beam challenge:

1. Not more than two players can stand on the beam to play the combat game.
2. All battle beam players need to wear our unique X-Play trampoline-friendly socks.
3. Keep it safe by not aiming at your opponent’s head. We do offer special helmets for kids so that they can have a safe time in the combat arena.
4. Knocking down your opponent in the foam pit makes you a winner.
5. Be polite and friendly with your moves.
6. Keep the pugil stick in your hands at all times on the beam. Do not throw it at the other players.
7. Be careful not to dive in the foam pit with your head first, which can lead to head injuries.
8. Only land on your feet, back or bottom. Avoid landing on the knees too.
9. Avoid curling up while landing in the foam pit, which can lead to unexpected injuries.
10. Do not stay in the pit when you fall in it, exit from it as soon as possible.
11. Avoid burying others or yourself in the foam pit.
12. Never throw the foam blocks at other players.

We tend to follow such rules for ensuring a safe yet challenging environment for the participants. Additional rules can be decided while playing the game as well. It is a fun game that involves your full physical ability and razor-sharp reflexes, which is why it is one of X-Play’s most prized possessions. This also makes it one of the most popular activities at our trampoline park.

We want to ensure the complete safety of our jumpers and players, which is why specific rules are helpful to keep you safe. Make sure you are following them for maximum enjoyment. Also, ensure that you are booking your place for the activity in advance as Battle Beam challenge fills up fast. To enjoy it truly, make sure to follow all the rules and regulations. Visit us for a fun-filled combat adventure!